The PDPOA and its Lagoon & Lake Advisory Group have the following goals for 2017:

Lagoon Dredging
In order to maintain a healthy waterway, we need to exchange water between Broad Creek and our lagoon system. Due to years of erosion, areas of the lagoon have become very shallow. This not only restricts navigability, it also contributes to algae blooms and fish kills. After a year of working with regulatory agencies and completing a Tier 1 Environmental Impact Study, we successfully secured South Carolina, Town of Hilton Head Island, and US Army Corps of Engineers dredge permits. We have completed dredging near the Marriott Channel and are working on the section near the Swing About Bridge to the Queen’s Folly Bridges.

Harvest Organics – Pine Straw Removal
We are currently removing pine straw from the two freshwater lakes.

Debris Removal
Following Hurricane Matthew, we hired contractors to remove approximately 250 trees from the lagoon and lakes. We are now removing smaller debris during our monthly lagoon lowerings.

Maintenance Program
We implemented preventative maintenance programs for the tide gates and diffused air systems (aerators). Following Hurricane Matthew, PDPOA spent $26,000 repairing the tide gates.

Shoreline Management & Bulkhead Policy
Although our 11-mile lagoon system saved Palmetto Dunes from catastrophic flooding during Hurricane Matthew, it also received additional sediments from shoreline erosion. Following the storm, we identified approximately 80 updates from our 2016 shoreline map. Properties that have been identified as critical, received covenant compliance letters requesting repairs. A copy of our Shoreline Management & Bulkhead Policy is available on the PDPOA website.

Lagoon & Lake Documents
We are reviewing and updating the Waterways Guide, Boat Ramp Rules & Procedures, and Lagoon & Lake PPG’s.

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