Safety Tips

If you have an emergency, dial 911.

Maintain the natural beauty of our resort by

  • depositing all debris in litter receptacles
  • ensuring the proper disposal of beverage containers-they easily blow from golf carts or beach chairs and quickly litter lawns, roads, and waterways;
  • not drying towels and bathing suits on railings or balconies;
  • parking only in designated parking spaces;
  • placing garbage in the service yard or the disposal chute where it will be collected twice weekly-do not place containers by the curb;
  • not placing signs, balloons and other lawn ornaments on the property.

For your safety

  • the speed limit throughout the resort is 25 mph, please drive safely;
  • use the leisure trails for bicycling, roller-blading, walking, or jogging;
  • if leisure trails are not available-bicycles are ridden with the traffic; joggers, walkers, and rollerbladers face the flow of traffic;
  • do not bike at night;
  • if you walk or bike to or from Shelter Cove-please use the leisure trail under the 278 bridge to cross the highway;
  • bikes, roller-blades, or skateboards are not allowed in hallways, pools, or parking areas;
  • do not swim in the lagoons, lakes, or creeks – there are alligators;
  • charcoal or gas grills are not allowed on decks or balconies of multi-family buildings of more than two floors;
  • do not use glass containers on the beach or at the pool; waterproof diapers must be worn by infants in all swimming pools;
  • motorized scooters are prohibited.

Protect the animals and vegetation by

  • crossing the dunes only at designated beach access points;
  • leaving all live creatures (sand dollars, starfish, etc.) on the beach;
  • not feeding the alligators-if fed they become dependent, aggressive and most must be killed;
  • not picking any plants growing on the dunes;
  • not using lights on or adjacent to the beach during the evening from June to September so baby loggerhead turtles can find their way to the ocean; please do not carry or otherwise help them to the ocean.

For the enjoyment of others

  • use only audio devices with headphones outside or in the common areas;
  • ensure that all individuals using the pool do not exceed reasonable noise levels;
  • please use a pooper-scooper if you walk your pets on the beach, common areas, or roads;
  • please, only quiet activities between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.